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Partners Program Testimonials

★★★★★  Scott G.  President

As a regional operator, we are always busy with our established customer base.  However, a few years back we were invited to join the We-Bore-It Network of Authorized Contracting Partners, and let me say, it has proven to be a blessing.  The We-Bore-It team and their customers are fantastic to work with.  They have added hundreds of thousands in new business to our books.  When they call - we answer - gladly!

★★★★★  Kevin B.  Owner/Operator

Back in 2008 during the recession, many of my customer's were either going out of business or drastically scaling back their project schedules.  For me, as an established business with equipment loans and employees that depended on me, it was an awful time.  We were very close to considering closing shop.  Then out of the blue, I received a call from a We-Bore-It sourcing specialist and she asked if we could help them with a project.  We have been with them ever since.  They keep me working, paid me on time and as agreed. I give them my best because they always give me theirs.

★★★★★  Jerry J.  Owner/Operator

I like to travel and stay busy.  I learned of We-Bore-It from a friend who said they were great to work with and that they kept him and his drills busy.  I applied and was approved to be an Authorized Contracting Partner.  Today I travel to different states to work on their projects.  My drill's rods stay spinning and I always find a good place to fish for bass in the evenings.

★★★★★  Chad D.  Owner/Operator

I was directional boring for cable companies as sub-contractor and the pay was "OK" but I wanted more work, that paid better.  I started working with We-Bore-It and their Project Team.  I went from running a small JT520 to owning a Vermeer 23x30 and looking to purchase another one.  A significant amount of money I used to buy my Vermeer came from working on We-Bore-It projects.

★★★★★  Brent K.  Owner/Operator

What a great company to work with!  They handle all the project planning, material logistics, private locating, customer service, closeout packages, and accounting.  All I have to do is show up on time, and do my job - I love it !

★★★★★  Gary L.  Owner / Operator

Great company to work with and for.  I only wish they had more customers and projects in my state but I am grateful to be part of the network and for the work they do send me.

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