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We specialize in directional boring and trenching, but are also able to go beyond underground construction and to actually breach a foundation, wall or ceiling of a structure for utility installation.  Moreover, since our underground services include turn-key construction and installation, we are familiar with and capable of what it takes to ensure the project is completed both correctly and efficiently.  

Concrete Coring for Utility Installations

Once the utility lines for your project are installed, if needed, we can assist in negotiating the lines through or to the structure.  We are able to do this through a method called concrete coring.  Depending where the utility line needs to be routed, coring can not only be done horizontally through a wall, but also vertically through the floor or ceiling.  Typically the diameter of our bore ranges anywhere from 2″ to 10″ diameter cores.  Furthermore, larger concrete coring, sleeving, and cutting projects are available upon request.  We-Bore-It concrete coring services are commonly utilized for routing utilities such as:

  • Plumbing and drainage
  • Telecommunication openings
  • Electrical openings
  • Cable openings
  • Fiber optic openings
  • Conduit or pipes

Turn-Key Underground Construction Services

We-Bore-It is a scalable construction resource for our customers, for only as long as they need it.  If you need additional engineering resources to augment your current in-house teams, We-Bore-It can provide access to industry experts such as civil engineers who not only know their craft but just as importantly; they work well in a collaborative environment.  To learn more please call us at 1-800-864-8857 or contact us online.

Directional Boring Services

  • Locating underground utilities
  • Locating underground piping and electrical lines
  • Locating underground telecommunication lines
  • Locating underground gas lines
  • Locating underground water lines
  • Running underground conduit, wiring and piping
  • Running underground utilities for HVACR projects
  • Running solar panel installations

Areas We Service:

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“I was referred to We-Bore-It after our fifth contractor had again ‘humped’ yet another roadway. We were tired of gambling with unknown and unproven contractors. We-Bore-It has been providing us with quality service and directional bore crews for two years now. All I can say is I wish I had found them earlier.”
― S. Lavine, (MO)

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