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Installing Utilities Under Driveways

We Bore It Chicagoland Driveway Boring Services ConduitEvery day We-Bore-It receives calls from both anxious and ambitious homeowners who have discovered that they have a need to get additional electric, internet, water, or gas service lines placed on their property.  Unfortunately, there is a problem; they have a driveway, structure, or even a pool in the way.


The good news is that we have a trenchless solution that can allow us to bore under anything you have and directionally steer and place a conduit pipe where you need it.

All this can be done in one day with no damage to your property.

Affordable & Reliable for Every Project

We-Bore-It has the knowledge to complete any job quickly and efficiently - no matter how large or small it may be.  You tell us where you need it and we will provide you with an affordable solution.

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What type of utilities?

Frequently, there are sanitary lines, water, electric, cable/fiber, and gas can be found running under one’s driveway. A competent underground construction operator can find these assets and avoid costly damage.

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Examples of Illinois Construction Projects We've Completed

Great Lakes Naval Base in Chicago, Illinois

Service: Performed directional bore of 300′ between main building and staked manhole location for placement of 1 – 2″ inch rolled HDPE conduit, with pull rope for electrical service to be installed by others.

Result: Completed successfully.  Customer stated that they are looking forward to working with
We-Bore-It on future projects.

Illinois Underground Construction Project 1

Hoffman Estates Illinois High School

Service: Directional bore of 1,234’ feet between Charles pedestal to exterior of compound for placement of 1-4” inch rolled HDPE conduit.  Place (5) hand holes within easement minimum depth 42” inches, and install pull rope for fiber optic service to be installed at a later date.

Result: Completed successfully, the customer is pleased with the work done.

Illinois Underground Construction Project 3

Mount St. Joseph’s Immediate Care Facility in Lake Zurich, IL

Performed 2 directional bores and (trenching (2) runs of 355’ feet conduit running between the religious residences and the general maintenance building.  The first run was for placement of 1-2” rolled HDPE conduit with pull tape for electrical service.  The secondary run was for placement of 1-2” inch rolled MDPE gas pipe with tracer wire.

Result: Completed successfully and on time.

Illinois Underground Construction Project 2

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