Railroad & Train Track Boring

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Installing Utilities for Railroad & Train Tracks

As time progresses, railroads have proven to be a continued necessity whether it be for the shipping of bulk goods or public transit.  In conjunction with this, railroad systems have continued to steadily expand over the last decade. This often creates challenges for residential/business consumers and railroad companies looking to install, reroute or extend utilities, as many of these projects tend to be remote.  If you need to extend or establish new utilities, We-Bore-It can install new service conduits for you while eliminating the disruption of traditional excavation.

Directional Boring Services

  • Private underground utility locating
  • Locating underground piping and electrical lines
  • Locating underground telecommunication lines
  • Locating underground gas lines
  • Locating underground water lines
  • Running underground conduit, wiring and piping
  • Running underground utilities for HVACR projects
  • Running solar panel installations

Directional Boring Under Railroad & Train Tracks

We-Bore-It specializes in directional boring and trenching, with a special focus on underground utility installation.  With our expertise in trenchless technology, we utilize special horizontal directional drilling machines to install utilities and bore areas others cannot.  Furthermore, horizontal directional drilling does not affect or impact the surface areas above.  As such, this ensures the stability of the railroad remains intact.  Between We-Bore-It’s decades of experience and use of trenching technologies, this allows our contractors to maintain compliance of railroad protocols when working near active train tracks.

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“I was referred to We-Bore-It after our fifth contractor had again ‘humped’ yet another roadway. We were tired of gambling with unknown and unproven contractors. We-Bore-It has been providing us with quality service and directional bore crews for two years now. All I can say is I wish I had found them earlier.”
― S. Lavine, (MO)

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