Santa Maria AirportGear Cog Title Resize

Project Location

Santa Maria, CA

Service Type

Directional Boring

Project Type

Airport Taxiway for General Contractor

Santamaria Taxiway

Scope of Work

  • Directional boring of 151 feet under Taxiway B7 between 2 hand holes; provide and place 2­3″ rolled HDPE conduits with pull tape.


  • Directional boring of 520 feet under Runway 30 + Runway Safety Area between 2 hand holes; provide and place 2­3″ rolled HDPE conduits with pull tape.


  • Depth requirements of 96″ minimum under the runway and taxiway.


  • Standard daytime work hours were acceptable; overnight work is not expected for this project.


  • Davis Bacon wages did apply to this project.

What Made This Project Unique

Working in and around airline traffic and personnel required additional levels of planning and expertise to safely function in such a dynamic environment.   Even though the job posed some unique challenges it was nonetheless, successfully completed, on time, on budget and as agreed.

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